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Global food waste amounts to USD990B annually. 30% of that consists of Fruits and vegetables. 14% of all food wastage occurs in transit. In the event of damage to cargo in transit, exporters are expected to show evidence of quality and good handling of the produce in question by way of fruit survey.

From the orchard, to the pack house and the cold store, to the first carrier and eventually the shipping lines, there are numerous opportunities for fruit to depreciate. Knowing conclusively, the state of your produce at each stage, creates TRUST and TRANSPARENCY amongst the grower, their customer, insurer and transporter.


About Us

A No BS Company

Our leadership team brings varied expertise from technology to insurance and transport. With a cumulative fruit insurance and claims experience of about 38 years in different continents, we have put together a very succinct technology which focuses on helping growers increase trust with their service providers. We cut to the chase and deliver on our promises.



What We Offer


We help you keep visual records of your fruit quality and handling from harvest to delivery cost effectively.

Risk Insights

We formalise risks in an almost informal sector – creating certainty for risk carriers.

Use Cases


Insurance Use Case

Fruit insurers know all too well that losses in this line of business is almost a certainty. What sets an insurer apart is how effectively they can respond to the ever changing needs of their customer. Ukweli places deep risks visibility at your finger tips.

Transport Use Case

The first port of call when a reefer container arrives with damaged fruits is usually the carrier. Once invited to a joint survey, it is up to them to negotiate a claim blindly or spend significant amounts on fruit surveyors. Ukweli arms you with a full picture at significantly less the current cost!

Grower Use Case

Often, growers or exporters do not perform pre-shipment survey on account of the costs involved. However, collecting data along the supply chain from harvest presents a significant opportunity for all stakeholders.


We work with everyone involved in the fruit chain.

“Previously, I would fly to distant countries to inspect cargo said to have arrived with damages. With Ukweli, my customers and I will have a single source of truth!”

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