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Our leadership team brings varied expertise from technology to insurance and transport. With a cumulative fruit insurance and claims experience of about 38 years in different continents, we have put together a very succinct technology which focuses on helping growers increase trust with their service providers. We cut to the chase and deliver on our promises.


Our Approach

Our Approach to Fruit Survey

The main reasons for carrying out a fruit survey are to apportion blame or determine policy coverage. After an extensive study, what we found was over 70% of surveys conducted today are statements of facts – objective collection of evidence. So what if those who normally got in contact with the fruits collected objective statements of quality and handling that could be trusted by third parties? By democratising fruit surveys, we reduce its cost and improve TRUST and CERTAINTY among all stakeholders involved.

Why Us

Experience, Technology & Grit


We make a clear relation between collected information and location of collected information.

Offline first

On remote farms or during signal down times, we ensure you can still collect evidence to maintain full traceability.

In-Video Guidance

We guide you to collect relevant information during discharge and destuffing of your container.

Automated report

We colate and present your collected information to help you make sense of it all.

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we create trust and transparency in fruit trade.


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TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are two key elements in international fruit trade. Ukweli ensures both cost effectively and conveniently.

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