Trust is an under-researched dimension of international business, but it is essential to the growth of the export of fruit and vegetables (Gilmore-Latrobe University). Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables requires individuals to ensure reasonable levels of food health and consistency. Apart from consistency, social and environmental behaviour is now a requirement for exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, and buyers also ask for certification as a guarantee.

Understanding how to create confidence with buyers is important to today’s fruit and vegetable market environment. Taking the extra mile to buyers at all times is the best way to create consumer loyalty and a dedicated customer base, and deliver them outstanding fruit and vegetables. In order to increase confidence in fruit and vegetable trade, the following requirements must be achieved.

Be honest and transparent

If you want to win the confidence of your buyer in fruit and vegetable trade, there are no shortcuts; you’re going to have to earn it. It is a perfect starting point to be open and truthful regarding the price and state of fruit and vegetables at the time and what potential customers may anticipate from you as exporters.

Share reviews

Reviews will help the customer build up a good and positive opinion of a fruit and vegetable exporter. 95 % of people state that feedback – whether favorable or derogatory – has an effect on their buying decisions. This is evident that the comments are already a major part of nearly any fruit and vegetable trade decision-making mechanism (International Trade Center).

Offer great customer service

The customer support offered by the fruit and vegetable exporter may have a significant effect on consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The goal is to provide customers with an effective, knowledgeable and pleasant experience.

Share best practices

It is a kind of action that may not really take a massive deal of time or money, but still provides a lot of additional value to customers. Exporters will be able to offer useful details to buyers who would no doubt value the sacrifices and experiences they have created and, in effect, raise trust in the fruit and vegetable trade.

Be contactable

The fruit and vegetable business reference website is the point of touch between the exporter and the buyer. It’s a smart idea for exporters to have as many means of communicating as possible: phone numbers, email address, social networking etc.

Limit use of pesticides

In order to reduce human and environmental threats, various countries have their own amounts of pesticide residues in trade of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables carrying more pesticides than permitted would be removed from the market, thereby reducing the confidence in trade between the buyer and the exporter of that fruit and vegetables.

Avoiding contaminants

Contaminants are substances which have not been deliberately applied to fruit and vegetables but which may be found at various levels of processing, storage, transport or carrying. In addition to increasing confidence in fruit and vegetable exchange, exporters should also ensure that no pollutants are present in fruit and vegetables prior to loading and shipping.



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