Use Cases


Use Case

How do you know what you are paying for is actually what is being shipped to you? Yes, the fruit is described on the bill of lading. You may have even received some photographs through Whatsapp. But can you trust what you see?

Use Ukweli dashboard to generate a secure link and code for your supplier to collect objective information about the quality and handling of the produce you are about to buy! 


Cargo Data

Being able to draw insights from every single imported container of fruits is like a super power for fruit buyers. It gives you the ability to draw correlations between cargo outturn to supplies from different parts of the world at scale.

Process Overview


Cargo Delivery: Before opening your container, use Ukweli to collect information concerning the state of the container. This would come in handy in case of damage to cargo against the carrier.


Quality Inspection: Using Ukweli to collect and share real time information about the outturn saves you time, effort and costs involved in using a physical surveyor. It also creates one source of truth for you and your suppliers.


Automated Survey Report: Following the historical evidence collected using a single Ukweli secure code, you can generate a survey report which contains all the information required by transporters and insurers.

What to Expect

I honestly believe the tool is amazing and I will adopt it for all of my shipments. The tool once its set up is pretty self explanatory so most of my mid management staff should be able to use it on the tablet whether I am around or not


Food From Home


process discovery call with supplier


Evidence collection process designed


On-the-ground process validation


Process sprint development


Iterative testing and deployment

Ensure reliability, transparency and trust with your suppliers

Buy from new suppliers confidently and significantly reduce your loss ratio with your cargo insurer.

Give comfort to your suppliers when you notify them of damage to cargo in transit.

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