Use Cases


Use Case

One of the leading reasons advanced by shipping lines when rejecting fruit claims is the lack of pre-shipment evidence or pre-shipment survey. With Ukweli, you are guided to collect relevant information to help make your case in the event of damage in transit or purely to give comfort to your buyers. 



Maersk’s Tradelens and Walmart’s blockchain are just a few of the many opportunities which exist for growers to leverage Ukweli to increase their customer reach and trust. Using our secure visual evidence, we enhance the document trail on blockchains and bring the entire process to life!

Process Overview


Harvest: This is where it all begins. From digitally collecting information on the location of your farm to the weather of the day, we help you keep records which will come in handy in the event of damage.


Pack House: From the truck intake to bin off loading and eventually packing, we help you confirm the steps taken to ensure your produce arrive in optimum conditions. 


Cold Store: In some countries around the world, pre-cooling requirements are so stringent your container may be rejected entry if it is realised you did not properly pre-cool. Having this evidence handy including your stuffing pattern, could help build a stronger case for you.

What to Expect

Previously, I would fly to distant countries to inspect cargo said to have arrived with damages. With Ukweli, my customers and I will have a single source of truth!

Operations Manager



farm visit for process discovery


Evidence collection process designed


On-the-ground process validation


Process sprint development


Iterative testing and deployment

improve sales, transparency and trust with your partners

Sell to new markets and customers by making available your Ukweli numbers to demonstrate a high level of operational excellence

Use your historical collected evidence to draw new insights to your activities and connect your Ukweli to your social media platforms to engage your potential buyers.

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