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Ever wondered what really is in the container you are transporting? Yes, it says “children’s toys” but really? Is that what is inside? Ask those with interests in MSC Flaminia. We help “create integrity in the supply chain” around the world by ensuring that declared cargo is actually stuffed cargo.


Shipping Line


Apr. 2020


2 Months


Container content

creating integrity in global supply chain.

IoT and other traceability applications still leaves the industry with a blind spot. We spotted it and got to work.


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 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

A shipping line, a logistics company and a port terminal came together and challenged the startup world to rethink supply chain visibility. Of the many applicants, we were one of the three shortlisted companies. Our solution was Ukweli! We pitched two use cases:

1. Supply chain integrity

2. Fighting container fires


Shipping lines, port terminals, freight forwarders and customs officials face a similar problem. To know what is in a container, they have to open it and this takes considerable time and effort. In the recent past, P&I Clubs and some leading insurance companies together with IUMI and other regulators have raised alarm bells on the frequency of container fires resulting largely from mis-declaration by shippers or cargo owners.

Our aim for taking part in this competition was to showcase the work we have been doing to tackle both problems which have been significant financially for carriers but also on the environment. If you would like to know more about the outcome of our project or if you would like to learn more about the work we are doing at, contact us below for more!

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