Our services are limited to enhanced traceability, risk insights and quality control. We find that as participants in the fruit logistics chain, the main challenges centre around these three key areas. 


Today’s consumer is concerned about the source of what ends up on their tables. We help give them comfort. 

risk insights

What would be the impact on your business if you had realtime access to your risk exposures?

Quality control

There are existing gaps from when a container arrives and when a surveyor becomes available to inspect. 

traceability Services

According to the FAO, consumers expect safe and nutritious foods. “They also expect all participants in the supply chain to have effective practices in place that allow for the rapid identification, location, and withdrawal of food lots when problems are suspected or confirmed. Ensuring that effective practices are in place across a complex and global supply chain is an on-going challenge. The increased focus on food safety and consumer awareness raises the need for the identification and adoption of business practices that will aid the ability of the trading partners in the food industry to track and trace a product throughout the supply chain.” We bring a visual dimension to the current traceability services which exist today. 


information continuation


Geo localisation


Off line capabilities


grower identification compliance

Risk Insights Services

Today, insurance companies with appetite for fruits underwrite reefer containers of cargo without ever physically seeing the content or nature of the insured goods. We provide an opportunity to see the cargo being insured and to trace risk exposures around the world in real time.


Deep risk analytics


trend identification


Real time risk tracing


Improved bottom-line

quality control Services

We have our sights set on global standards when it comes to quality control. We have built in processes that are compliant with PPECB and the USDA including the use of image recognition technology for automatic fruit disease detection.


Disease recognition technology


Mobile temperature probe


mobile pressure probe


quality certification

we deliver certainty to all stakeholders.

From wholesale buyers to end consumers, we help you understand your fruits journey from farm to fork.

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